ExactaOptech Labcenter History

ExactaOptech Labcenter History












Exacta Optech born in 1975, founded by Alessandrini Gian Amico.
Since the Exacta Optech is growed up constantly, becoming leader in Italy and abroad, in chemical consumables and instruments supply for scientific laboratory.

The main applications besides the laboratory are the supply of chemicals; The Oil & Gas Division; Oenological Division and Optical Division.

Below we present the company’s historical steps:

  • 1975 – Alessandrini Gian Amico fouded Exacta Optech
  • 1980 – Alessandrini strumenti di ricerca e controllo s.n.c. of G. Amico Alessandrini & C.
  • 1990 – Alessandrini strumentazione Spa
  • 1996 – Alessandrini strumentazione Spa buy shares of Asem srl
  • 1998 – Alessandrini strumentazione Spa found Shanghai Alessandrini Instrument Co. Ltd.
  • 2000 – To Strengthen his presence in the Oenic Division, Alessandrini Instrumentation acquires Ing. C. Bullio Scientific Equipment, which since 1921 constructs and designs Bulbs, Acidimeters, Distillers, Almonds and Afrometers.
  • 2001 – Alessandrini strumentazione Spa buy Cecchinato Srl e Sardo srl and becomes Exacta+Optech Labcenter Spa
  • 2002 – Exacta+Optech Labcenter Spa becomes italian partner of LLG
  • 2003 - New warehouse of 2500 square meters
  • 2006 – Alessandrini strumentazione Spa incorporates Ing. C. Bullio srl
  • 2007 – National distribution and logistics agreements with J.T. Baker
  • 2015 - Inauguration of new warehouse’s 500 square meters for chemical products