Malligand ebulliometer

prolonged, chromed. Complete with briefcase

Scale 0-18% Cent. (code A113102P)

Scale 0-18% O.I.V. (code A113102 / O)

Scale 0-18% PRISMATIC (code A113105)

Salleron ebulliometer

(code A113104)
electric heating 125W
Scale 0-18%
Complete with briefcase

Multiple Elettroebulliometer

with electric heating.
Supplied complete with strip, CD, cable and cylinder.

THREE places (1 water + 2 wine) - 375 Watt (code A113201)
FOUR places (1 water + 3 wine) - 500 Watt (code A113202)
SIX places (1 water + 5 wine) - 750 Watt (code A113203)


(code A11316)
Automatic digital lightbulb to determine alcohol in wines, musts and hydroalcoholic solutions.
Reading range 0.00-20.00% alcohol