(code K71465)

Single beam, with 128x64 display.
Go to Automatic Lambda.
Sample compartment with four-position slide.
Work in T% ABS and Conc. By setting the angular or standard coefficient (max 9).
It can store results and curves.
USB and parallel output (printer).
Range wavelength 325-1000 nm. Bandwidth 4 nm.
CE marking

UV-VIS 1200

(code K71466)

Compact single spectrum spectrophotometer, spectral range 200-1000nm.
Ideal for teaching and laboratory, it has built-in microprocessor and data display on 128x64 point LCD.
Wavelengths with automatic positioning and digital display.
Large sample compartment with four-position slide door.
The sources can be activated separately, saving them.
Allows measurements in T% ABS and CONC with generating the calibration curve by curve angular coefficient or through standards (max 9).
It can store calibration curves and sets of results.
4nm bandwidth. Photometric Range -0.3: 3.0 ABS.
USB and parallel outputs for the printer.
A Windows operating software is available as an optional accessory.
Power supply 220V 50Hz


(code K71427)

complete with software.
Single beam with built-in microprocessor.
Water Proof Keyboard 22 Graphic Alpha / Numeric 128x64 LCD Keypads.
Both D2 and W sources are lit separately
Sample Composition with Cell 10-1000mm. Works in T%, ABS, Conc. With standard curve or coeff construction. angular.
Stores data and curves.
USB and parallel output (printer)
WL range 190-1100nm. 4nm bandwidth.