Sulfur SO2

Instruments for Determination of Sulfuric Anhydride

Extractor Solfotech, complete with glassware

(code A11312)
Automatic instrument conforming to CEE Regulation n. 2.676 / 90 ON THE OFFICIAL METHODS OF CEE ANALYSIS IN THE WINE SECTOR.
It determines, with maximum accuracy and efficiency, the free and total sulfur dioxide in the times and in the ways indicated by the regulations.
Stop fully automatic extraction (programmable digital timer).

Quick titter
(code A11354)

See page Matic

Official SO2 distillate in glass, for wines

complete with bubble bath and two balloons (100cc and 200cc).
Conforms to CE Regulation n. 2.676 / 90 (official method for wine analysis).
Available in versions:

with electric heating.
(code A11313 / E)

supplied complete with bunsen for gas heating.
(code A11313)

“Professional” kit for So2

(code A113KP.07)

for the determination of Free and Total Sulfur, according to the RIPPER method.
Made up of reagents and standard glassware.
We recommend the use of the FM10 lamp

FM10 lamp

(code A11309L)

Illuminating base for iodometric oxidation of sulfuric anhydride in highly colored samples.