Optech Spectrophotometric Cuvettes. Constructed by the thermal fusion technique, to obtain resistant cells and immune to the action of solvents.
Available (with stopper or lid) in Standard, Semi-Micro, Micro, Macro, Fluorimetry and Self-tapping models.

Industrial hoods and toxic substances handling. Molecular filtration caps. Technical equipment for chemical, biological, industrial laboratory. Benches and suction hoods.

Experts in thermostation. Stoves. Ovens for drying. Incubators. Climatic rooms. Oil baths. Water baths.

Viscosimeters and small reometers with wide choice of rotors and thermostation systems; structure analyzer for texture determination in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical field.

TD-NMR: Magnetic and Nuclear Resonance : Used for the study of molecular structure and physical properties of materials.
Typical Applications:
- Droplet Size Distribution: Emulsions of water in oil and oil in water, ex. Mayonnaise, margarine etc
- Total Fat Content in Chocolate
- Total Fat and Moisture Content in chips, powdered milk, snacks, groceries in general
- Determination of the oil content
- Determination of oil and water content
- Petroleum sector: 1H contend in hydrocarbons; Oil in wax
- Polymers: oil content in the tires, Spin finish in the fibers
TD-NMR is a technique that conforms to several standard AOCS, ISO, and IUPAC methods

- GenoGrinder, MiniG powerful vertical motion homogenizer ideal for Quechers preparation, DNA / RNA extraction, pesticides and proteins.
- Mixer mill suitable to homogenize any "hard" samples from the rock to the refuse from the metal to the bones.
- Perlatrice Katanax ideal for XRF sample preparation.

Instruments for Surface Liquid Voltage Measurement and Contact Surface / Solid Surface Energy Solids. Adhesion test and peel test

Safety Cabinets for Inflammable Products, Gas Shrouds,
Chemicals, Pesticides and Phytosanitary Products.

Thermostatic baths with circulations. Baths. Circulating circulators. Chiller.
Custom thermoregulation solution

LLG-Labware - certified quality at low prices


Syringe filters, qualitative / quantitative filter paper, thimble and microfiltration membranes, and special papers for blotting chromatography and electrophoresis.