Oil & Gas

STANHOPE SETA quality control products for petroleum products and derivatives, according to international standards such as EN ISO, ASTM, IP, BSI and DIN. Flashpoint Flash Point Analyzers (Setaflash series), particulate analyzers, distillers, viscosimeters, centrifuges, steam tension determination instruments, cetane number analyzers and tribological analysis tools. For industries, petroleum, petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, plastics and transport refineries.

ORBIS BV, 30 years of distillation and passion for innovation, produces automatic air pressure distillers in accordance with ASTM D86, D850 and D1078 methods.

PSL RHEOTEK specializes in the measurement of viscosity of petroleum products, polymers and cellulose, according to international standard methods such as ISO, ASTM and IP.
The range of PSL instruments includes glass capillary viscosimeters, viscosimetric baths and Rheotek automatic analyzers for determining the viscosity of petroleum products such as Jet Fuel, Diesel, Biodiesel, Gasoline, Bitumen and Lubricants.

PARKER KITTIWAKE is the leader in on-line and on-site solutions for monitoring critical conditions on plants and machinery. Systems that combine the right mix of technology, skills and information, allowing you to manage your risks, reduce downtime, optimize efficiency, and maximize profit.
On-Line, a range of innovative and practical, sensitive and robust sensors for determination of metallic wear residues, oil conditions, moisture, water and other fluid properties.
On Site, portable equipment for a first screening of metal lubrication and wear conditions. A full range of on-site tools to analyze the used oil. They are often used for quick investigation, where On-Line sensors provided a first indication of critical issues.

I-FISCHER Engineering develops Process Engineering Systems and Pilot Installations for the Petrochemical Industry.
i-Fischer offers a wide range of combined distillation products according to ASTM standards, such as ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation, TBP (True Boiling Point) ASTM D2892 and Potstill ASTM D5236, Automatic or Partially Automatic.

XOS offers innovative elementary analysis solutions for the oil industry. XRF technology features XOS analyzers. Their ease of use and reliability enable them to operate in difficult environments ranging from mobile labs, refineries, and pipeline terminals.
The range includes petroleum analyzers for the determination of trace sulfur, hydrocarbon phosphorus and aqueous matrices, silicone in biofuels and petroleum products, trace metals in hydrocarbons and total chlorine in hydrocarbons or aqueous samples.

DDS Digital Data Systems, New CAL2K and CAL3K Auto Calorimeters, Adiabatic or Isothermal (Dry Method).