Industrial applications & geo science

Reflected light

MT 1 series, laboratory microscope with reflected light and transmitted light. (photo of left)
available with clear field objectives, and in the light field and dark field version (Reflected light module E PI B F DF / Pol for light field, dark field and polarized light with lamp holder 2 and halogen lamp 12V / 50 W in the model MT 1 B D).

MEC 100 series, Modular microscope with reflected light. (central photo)
Available in three versions: light field; light field and dark field; clear field and interferential contrast.

IM Series, Inverted research microscope and reflex laboratory routine. (photo of left)
Available in three models: IM5, light field, polarized light; IM5 BD, light field, dark field, polarized light; IM5 DIC, light field, interferential contrast, polarized light.

Optech modular video microscope

for quick inspections and quality checks.
• OT 6.4 Z optical system with 6.4: 1 zoom factor.
• Highlighted range of magnifications: 0.7x ... 4.5x.
• Working distance: 108 mm.
• Working distances: 314 mm ... 38 mm.

Optech stereomicroscopes

available in different models (depending on the enlargements required) and with different stands.
in the photos, from left to right:
_ SZ-NT model with cantilever stand
_ LFZ FLex model
_ GZ 808 model with rack stand

Meiji Techno stereomicroscope

zoom, with Greenough optical system, for critical inspections and quality checks.

Askania, Stereomicroscope & Techno Microscope

Stereomicroscope with Galileian system, for critical inspections and accurate quality controls.

TM 1 Series Tecnomicroscope. Monocular microscope for fast laboratory or production line inspections.