Research Laboratory applications

Biostar BM 80

Research biological microscope and for accurate laboratory analysis.
High resolution lenses and optical brightness.
External kiosk with halogen lamp 24V / 100 W.
Possibility to mount:
_ Epifluorescence device with 100W HBO lamp
_ motorization systems with mechanical module connecting to the focusing group including motorization
Also available in the "Discussion Decks" version (right photo): in an opposing view or for 2 - 3 - 5 observers side by side.

Inverted biological microscopes

from research and laboratory routine, Biostar IB 5 series

available in the following configurations:
_ with objectives in the clear field and phase contrast.
_ with objectives in the clear field and in contrast to modulation (MC)
_ with lenses in light field and phase contrast and epifluorescence device

Modular stereo microscope with Galileian optical system

for research and laboratory analysis.

• Magnification range in standard configuration: 8x ... 64x, with optional optics: 2.4x ... 256x.
• Intermediate module AX for even more incisive images in Photomicrography and TV.
• Stands in transmitted light with progressive variation of the image contrast.
• Stands equipped with LED lighting in incident light and transmitted light.